Monday, November 30, 2009





I know this is a little  different  post than most…..but when we came home from our ski trip last night we found our beloved cat of 13 years had died,,,,,,she was quite the cat…..LOVED to eat and to bite your nose. She would “trick” you by a few sweet  likes than a bite on the nose.  We never really knew why she did it….I always thought it was another way to say she loved us. She was a rescue. The day we picked her, the man said he was glad she finally was getting a home. Apparently she had been in that cage for quite some time…waiting for a family. That is what she got..a human mom and dad, a human brother and sister and even a couple of canine siblings. “Aunt” Mae was patient with baby Drew.

She brought us SO much joy. Goodbye sweet Mae you will be missed.

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Chris said...


I just found your site and your post. I am so sorry you lost your "fur baby." They sure wriggle their way into our hearts. Mae was beautiful. She knew she went to a wonderful family and was so grateful that she was given a forever home. Hang in there. Have you read the poem "Rainbow Bridge?" I'd like to think that they are there waiting for us.