Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Inky Antic FUn

After my guest design post on Inky Antic's Blog Sunday  Karen's petal card , they received an inquiry about how I created the flower embellishment using the image from 11013SC Brushed Calligraphy #2 Clear Set (which is 10124J Coneflower in the wood mounted version):

I stamped it on double-thick kraft paper and then used watercolors. I then brushed a coat of Clearsnap Glue Gloss on top and sprinkled glitter Clearsnap's Fairy Dust glitter by Donna Salazar over it. (Next time, she said she might try lightweight cardstock behind kraft paper so she can really bend and adjust the petals and leaves.
I was then ask to tell us more about my creative process in general...

What have you learned as you’ve evolved as a designer? In other words, what advice or tips can you share with our readers for helping them improve?
Be free, be yourself, and do not be afraid to be different. There are no rules when it comes to art and you do not need a pattern...let it come from the heart.

What is one area that you are trying to improve in your own creative style, techniques, or process? [Finding] time to really create what I love...using unusual things, trying to find things outside the box that inspire me.

What’s your current favorite stamping technique?
I love using ink that can be used on plastic and making my own overlays.

What are your top 5-10 tools that you rely on most when you create (besides stamps, of course)?
Twisters, cosmetic sponges, popsicle sticks (yes, I save my Bomp Pop sticks so I have an endless supply), emery boards, and pinking shears!

Where do you find inspiration for your stamping projects?
Everywhere…fabric, ads, home decor items, and just life in general.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell our blog readers?
Have fun. Remember, rules are meant to be broken...think outside of the box. This is where the next great techniques come from, but most of all enjoy [the process]!

* * *

The stamps that I used for this week's project are from 11020SC Hearts Valentine Clear Set:

I also created this gorgeous vintage-style Valentine card:

Earlier I had mentioned stamping on plastic and making my own overlays. You can see them a little better in this close-up:

I stamped on a clear overhead projector sheet with permanent ink, and then I painted the back of it white with a Clearsnap reinker for the ColorBox Mix'd Media Inx by Donna Salazar. I love how it made the images really "pop."

I hope you enjoyed this fun Stamp Project I did as Guest Designer from Inky Antics.

Until Next Time......BE Creative~



Thornton Berry Shire Press said...

Wow...I read your post and it was a different language to me..I really don't know anything about your art form...I just know you're really good at it...glad I stopped by to check in...thx, june

Audrey Pettit said...

Gorgeous Valentine, Karen! Love the trick with the transparency!

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