Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Remember Yesterday- Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor here today to share some of Donna Salazar’s wonderful products.
I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. It is so wonderful to celebrate all things that make the United States what it is….
I live in a small town in the Midwest and one of my favorite things is when the community comes together for one of our small town parades. The entire town shuts down to meet at the town square to celebrate in good ole’ fashion way that reminds you of days gone by with the homemade floats, the horseback riders and the band lead by the majorette! What could be more American.
ds july 5

The photo of this majorette is one I bought at a flea market. I have such a hard time passing by old photo…I always wonder who they are. What were they like and where are they now. SO because of my interest I buy these photo and I adopt them into my family and take that photo that meant something to them and create a page honoring my unknown adopted relative.
As for this young lady I have given her the name of Bev…..Bev is a sweet sweet soul who grew and married her high school sweetheart and had twin boys…Pete and Repete. She lived a wonderful life spreading joy to all that she came in contact with and died at a rather young age and instead of tears by those who loved her they celebrated with band music and a party.

I love my stories of my adopted family…just another way I like to share my artistic creativeness!

ds june 5 b

Memories of Yesterday
Old memories never die
They lie dormant in our hearts
lurking till the moment comes
when suddenly they emerge
Time can change, the world can
become such a transit and computerized
world, a touch of a finger and its done
But memories remain the way we once
left them, not to be duplicated or even
re enacted
Our wealth may be taken, our possession's
may weather a bad storm and blow in the wind
But no one can take our memories
Dancing in the wind with old 45's in our mind
we can feel, smell, and taste the malt shop
where we all hung out, we can hear the songs'
of yesterday, and remember the words, a tear
will form, yes, and sometimes maybe two
Engulfed in our own bliss, the realization
comes to view, but we know, we can come
back tomorrow, as well as many tomorrows
to come, and still reach in our hearts for
the same golden songs that kept our memory
alive with vivid scenes of our innocence.......
Bonnie Collins

ds june 5 c
To create my vintage layout inspired by yesteryear I used:
I hope you have enjoyed meeting “Bev” as much as I have introducing her to you….creative come from the hands and the head….go on…it is okay to still play make believe!!
Until Next time…..BE Creative!
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Karen Taylor http://creativeyearnings.blogspot.com/


Just Jaime said...

Beautiful work! Love the title work!

coldwaters2 said...

Wow what a great LO the colours, design and image look wonderful.
Lorraine x

hilde janbroers said...


Creative Mayhem said...

Oh look at all that vintage goodness! Yummy!! LURV it!!! Where do I send my family photos to??? ha! Excellent work. :)

Audrey Pettit said...

Beautiful! And, you've totally made me laugh, Karen! I love your sense of make believe. It's important to have FUN.....and I don't always remember that. Got a huge chuckle from one of your comments. My first child is named Pete, and I joked when I was pregnant the second time that I would name him Repete....although it ended up being a girl. ;)
Love, love, love all the detail here. Your layers are just amazing.