Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Valentine <3


Andy and I are grandparents who still love to be together and have fun….he IS my best friend. On my last post someone left a message after I wrote that I am married to my the love of my life…they wrote “doesn’t everyone marry the love of their life”….My answer to that is NO…..too many unhappy couples, couples who do not want to be together and too much divorce.

I think it is a blessing to be married to your best friend…the love of your life! So if you do not mind following this link and give us a QUICK  vote at:

for this photo of  my silly husband and I…just having some fun!


Thanks!!  Happy Wednesday!!


Andrea Ostapovitch said...

I love this photo! And I definitley agree, not everyone marries the love of their life. I'm fortunate enough to have married mine...

crafty creations said...

Hi Karen - what a silly comment for someone to make !! yes there is a lot of unhappy marriages and divorces. Like you I am one of the lucky ones and have celebrated 37 years together this year - he's my soul mate and I am his

x Hilda

Top blogs said...

Beautiful photo!