Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PLEASE: They need our help


I am so sorry for a second post today…..but I must get this out.

THIS IS A REAL PLACE. Andy and I were there and May and saw the wonderful children. Just of few dollars from each of us could make a HUGE difference to these small wonderful children.

I know there are children here in the United States that need help to and as a former respite foster care provider I encourage helping here too. But there are NOT services there like here. This is a small island and they do not have resources.

Please pass this on…….together WE CAN make a difference in the lives of these sweet children!



To our visitors, sponsors, donors, volunteers and friends:

Normally, we would like to headline our letters with positive news. While there certainly are a lot of wonderful things to share, it is most important that we communicate the urgency of our need for financial support. During this year we have been blessed with some special giving that has helped us survive to this point. However, we are currently out of funds. With current giving we still run $2,500 short each month of meeting our basic needs. We are struggling to even purchase food.

I would like to tell you about just two of our children.  Edwin came to our home last year.  He was found in the community of Oak Ridge tied to a post.  He was abandoned by his parents.  His forehead is marked with the scars of abuse.  When the authorities called our Greenfield Children’s Home, we were happy to welcome Edwin into our family.  He now excels at the bilingual school where we have him enrolled.

Four weeks ago, a government agency called to ask if we had room to temporarily house a three year old girl named Sindy.  We also were able to take Sindy into our care. Her mother had abandoned her.  The stay was to be temporary as Sindy displayed some abnormal behavior. The doctor we brought her to for her intake medical screening thought the behavior looked like autism. The agency could find no special care for Sindy on the mainland.  At the same time God called a volunteer to our Home who has had special training and has worked with autistic children.  The volunteer has dedicated eight months service to our ministry.  We will love and care for Sindy right here.

Last week, however, we were called to take in an eleven year old girl.  We had to say no.  The social worker rightly asked “where is she supposed to go?”  With drug and alcohol abuse increasing on the Island of Roatan we expect many more similar calls.  What are we to say?  Perhaps we will need to call them soon to ask where we are to put the children we can no longer provide for.

This plea is sent to those who love and care about our children.. We desperately want to keep our doors open. We now care for 16 children between the age of 1 and 13.  We could have room for 24 if we had the staff and financial support.  Please consider making a monthly pledge for the next twelve months.  A couple dollars a day from each supporter can change the life of the next Edwin or Sindy.

You can go to our web site and use the PayPal option to offer immediate help. We avoid the PayPal charges if you send your gift to our banking address in Minnesota found at the bottom of this letter. 100% of your gift goes to the Roatan ministry. Most assuredly, any gift is accepted with the warmest thanks and heartfelt appreciation.

This is not a false plea!  Without immediate help we will need to implement some very difficult options. While we have wonderful plans for the future, it is the present reality that needs our attention. Thank you in advance for your help!

We are happy to discuss any questions you have. Please use our contact tab on the web site.

Rick Sorenson

Secretary, Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries



Phone: 651-439-7053

Cellular: 651-214-9997

Banking Address:


9997 Arcola Court

Stillwater, MN 55082

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