Friday, August 27, 2010

Believe in your Dreams



   The future belongs to those who believe their  dreams.
                                               Eleanor Roosevelt

Today is the day to mark off one thing to make a dream come true.

This does not have to be hard. If your dream is to be healthier….grab an apple today instead of a candy bar.

If one of your dreams is a vacation….instead of a Venti Café Latte with mocha…..drink coffee from home…sprinkle a cinnamon on top..yummy and cinnamon will help your quest to be speeds up your metabolism. Take that 4.00 and put it in a jar!

Little steps to big dreams.

I am going to be working on my journal…I am quite excited to show you. I am making it out of recycled papers. One of my dreams is to be better to the earth and this is one thing I can do…small step, but WE have to start some where.

Here are some photo’s to inspire you of just what can be done with recycled paper.



 1lilithcreations blogspot

also  www.lilithcreations.blogspot

lilithcreations blogspot

The next three are from


butterfly package


And this wonderful wreath…is from


I hope you were inspired to make a change in your life. I want to live the life I know I am meant to live. It is NOT going to happen on its own… let us go on this journey together……..

Dream Big!


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