Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still missing you has been nearly a year ago since we took the drive with our little furry son to see his grandma and grandpa. While we were inside he was outside playing with their two dogs. Less than a half hour later we went to call the dogs in and no Grover, and after much searching and poster making......still no Grover, that was the last time we were to see him.

We never knew just how much you can miss a furry night no more growls if we rolled in his way, no more squished top of the sofa as he diligently sat and keep watch for his dad to come home for more anything, but memories.

He may be gone but not forgot.

Grover Taylor


Rachel said...

OMGosh, what a sad story and a sadder phote :( Your poochie was too cute.... I hope and pray that you find your beloved friend safe and sound soon, you never know- hold onto the hope!

Anonymous said...

aww that makes me sad