Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Karen's doing the happy dance...

why you ask.

This is why:

This was posted on Spellbinders site yesterday

I would like to congratulate the following designers who are our Finalists in the Design Team Contest, in alphabetical order.

Carole Burrage

Christy Kerr

Deb Felts

Debbie Seyer

Heidi Blankenship

Holly Simoni

Janine Blackwelder

Jennifer Davis

Judy Hayes

Julie Overby

Karen Hunsaker

Karen Taylor *******here I am number 12**********

Kazan Clark

Kelly Hampton

Kimberly Crawford

Leesa Rapp

Mary Pfaff

Michelle Edgley

Pegi Taylor

Suzanne Morse

Tanisha Long

Terre Fry

Tisha Ann Harms

Wendy Elliott

Good luck to all.

Here is my altered box that was in my entry. I only sent one photo to them but will post several for you.

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Stacy Cohen said...

I just scrolled through your blog, and Oh My! You do such beautiful work!!!