Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My christmas wish list

I am not greedy or at least I don't think I am. But I Do love pretty things...here is what I am lovin' right now.

I did have one with the letter K but I broke it. I use Andy's letter A cup but it is just not the same.

I am also in love with all things Jenni Bowlin....I *L*O*V*E* her paper and her kits!!

and then there is this........ooohhhh I really want one!

I really am excited this year. Marc and Jessie will be here together and thank goodness Marc is not spending Christmas in Iraq again this year. Doug is home and well. I could not ask for more.

Except for dun dun....dun dun....dun dun ..dun..dun ..dun {that is my best attempt at Jaws music.

The granddemon I mean granddog is coming for a visit!! dun.dun.dun

Yea, I know she's sooooo cute. Don't let her fool you ......she is a demon!!

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